Artic Air have been installing air conditioners for over 15 years. Our experience has enabled us to successfully undertake complex air-conditioning design and installations in residential and commercial projects across Adelaide and surrounding suburbs.

An air conditioner is an investment you make for the year-long comfort of your family, employees as well as customers. We understand the significance of having your air conditioner working at optimum performance, making you free from the burden of replacement as well as high utility costs.

The Artic Team At Your Disposal

Selecting an air conditioner can be a difficult task given the many options available in the market. If you are new to or unsure about selecting an air conditioner to suit your needs, you can easily find yourself lost in a sea of brands, all making different promises and delivering confusing information!

We can help you choose the right air conditioner for your residence or commercial building. Our team comprises of highly skilled technicians and tradespeople who have an impeccable knowledge of air conditioners, a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to quality and service.

When you call Artic Air, or visit our new store, one of our experts will discuss your requirements, assess the space and wiring dynamics in your building if needed, and offer you genuine advice regarding the most suitable air conditioner for your home or next project. Benefit from our competitive pricing and high quality systems including Daikin, MitsubishiElectric, Actron, Temperzone, Hitachi and Braemar Evaporative systems.

Innovative Design & Installation Solutions

Notoriously known for its unpredictable extreme climate, South Australia experience harsh summers and freezing winters. Having the right air conditioner can make all the difference in comfort.

Whether you are a new home owner looking for the ideal air conditioner for your home, a business owner looking to replace your old shop aircon with an energy-efficient one, or a corporate company wanting to outsource your building’s annual air con service and maintenance – Artic Air can help!
Our team is trained to carefully assess the building structure, space availability and room/workspace/shop size to help you select an aircon that’s ideal for you in terms of energy efficiency, noise levels and temperature control requirements.

We use the latest tools and equipment while installing your air con, thereby, giving you the right placement and accurate fitting of the AC unit. Furthermore, we provide the entire bandwidth of services – from installation, to connection, to service and repair, making air con installation a joyride for you!

Energy Efficient Systems

Poorly functioning air conditioners can significantly add to your energy bills. Artic Air’s range of air conditioners is specifically designed to meet the energy efficiency needs of your home or business. We use only the best brands, with a special focus on energy rating – to give you optimum performance at minimal cost.

With Artic Air’s air conditioning design and installation, you will not have to worry about your bottom line anymore!

Contact us today for your next air conditioning installation, repair, service and maintenance job.

Because we care at Artic Air



"I am more than impressed with the excellent service and workmanship involved with the installation of a new RC air-conditioning unit. Artic Air provided an initial assessment of the job required, followed by a full day removing the old unit and reinstalling the new unit. This included organising a crane to install the new unit on the roof. The work commenced at 8 am and progressed through until completion at 6 pm. A total of five workmen including an electrician were involved in the job and they worked very efficiently and professionally. Each of the workers were friendly and polite during this time. Once the installation was complete they did a thorough job of cleaning up and removing rubbish. I would more than happily refer Artic Air to others. I was most impressed that Paolo managed and oversaw the entire installation process. It was a pleasure to see workmen taking pride in their work."

Julianne Graham