Regular service? Why do I need it?

Regular usage leads to accumulation of dirt on your air conditioner’s filters or cooling pads. This can severely impact the system’s efficiency, as the aircon now must work harder to blow recirculated air out. Consequently, less efficient air cons tend to consume more electricity and water, resulting in a significant rise in your utility bills. Besides, this also causers faster wear and tear of your AC unit.

Artic Air provides competitive service and maintenance packages for repair and service of air conditioners of any brand, model or make. We also custom-make annual and preventive maintenance packages to suit individual needs and budgets. Annual maintenance is an essential requirement for an efficiently working air conditioner. Preventive maintenance is necessary to save the cost of frequently replacing worn out parts.

Extensive Range of Services

Artic Air offers air conditioning repair, service and maintenance for residential and commercial buildings for all types and brand of air conditioners, including:

Repair and maintenance of reverse cycle air conditioners
We can service and repair ducted air conditioners, hi wall split system aircons, compact ceiling cassette aircon units as well as packaged air conditioners.

Repair and maintenance of evaporative cooling airconditioning
We can repair or replace broken and faulty parts, as well as service your evaporative cooling units.

Service and maintenance
Service and maintenance of all major brands including Daikin, Fujitsu, LG, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, Hitachi, Carrier, Kelvinator, Braemar, Breezair, Coolair, Brivis and Bonaire.

The Artic Advantage

There are many benefits of having your air conditioner regularly serviced. Firstly, consistent service increases the life of your aircon unit. Secondly, it considerably reduces the AC operating cost by positively impacting its efficiency. Thirdly, regular service also reduces the aircon’s susceptibility to frequent breakdowns, thereby minimizing the down times. Finally, your aircon functions properly reducing the chances of it causing a fire due to overuse.

Artic Air are experts in air conditioning repair and service. We can not only repair your air conditioner, substitute the damaged parts, but also replace your old units with more energy-efficient new ones.

When you choose us as your aircon service and annual maintenance contractor, you benefit from our:

  • Skilled technicians, with many years of experience in air conditioning industry
  • Innovative repair and maintenance services
  • Exceptional customer service, commitment to quality and delivery within timelines
  • 24/7 Assistance during emergency breakdowns
  • Expert scheduled annual and preventive air conditioner repairs
  • Status as trusted air condition repair and maintenance company of choice for our countless loyal customers
  • Competitively priced packages that don’t burn a hole in your pocket

Give us a call today and give your family, staff or customers a weather-friendly comfortable environment in the home, office or shop!

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"I am more than impressed with the excellent service and workmanship involved with the installation of a new RC air-conditioning unit. Artic Air provided an initial assessment of the job required, followed by a full day removing the old unit and reinstalling the new unit. This included organising a crane to install the new unit on the roof. The work commenced at 8 am and progressed through until completion at 6 pm. A total of five workmen including an electrician were involved in the job and they worked very efficiently and professionally. Each of the workers were friendly and polite during this time. Once the installation was complete they did a thorough job of cleaning up and removing rubbish. I would more than happily refer Artic Air to others. I was most impressed that Paolo managed and oversaw the entire installation process. It was a pleasure to see workmen taking pride in their work."

Julianne Graham